Cobalt's Valkyrie Pusher Prop Private Plane Looks Like It Belongs In The Batcave

It’s really not debatable: aircraft builder Cobalt’s Valkyrie is freakin’ gorgeous, and supposedly the appeal inside the cockpit will match the plane’s outer appearance. Beyond its looks, Cobalt claims their creation will have amazing performance, all at a price of around $700,000. »11/15/15 3:10pm11/15/15 3:10pm


Two Dead After AW609 Civilian Tilt-Rotor Crashes In Northern Italy

Agusta Westland’s AW-609 tilt-rotor crashed in northern Italy
today, killing both pilots onboard. The crash occurred about 30 miles from the company’s airfield in Cascina Costa. The cause of the crash remains unknown at this time. The aircraft involved was the second AW-609 prototype built back in the early 2000s.
»10/30/15 1:41pm10/30/15 1:41pm

Check Out This Insane Star Wars Shot Of An Emirates 777

The ultra-creative folks over at Wolfe Air have innovated aerial cinematography once again with their recent shoot for the airline Emirates. The crazy footage of the 777 below was captured raw with an iPhone from the cockpit of Wolfe Air’s modified Learjet, but the actual shot will be in super high definition.
»10/30/15 9:06am10/30/15 9:06am

Dynamic Airways Boeing 767 Engine Catches Fire While Taxiing For Takeoff

A Dynamic Airways Boeing 767 was taxiing to depart from Fort Lauderdale International Airport when its port-side engine reportedly caught fire. The fire appears to have been quite severe, damaging the wing and fuselage and billowing large amounts of black smoke. The fire has since been put out and everyone was… »10/29/15 1:42pm10/29/15 1:42pm

This MD-80's Takeoff From St. Maarten Island Is Absolutely Nuts

St. Maarten is known in the aviation community as one of the best plane viewing locales in the world. Watching landing jets scream just feet overhead while you wade in the Caribbean’s warm turquoise water is just about as good as it gets. Takeoffs are usually a different story, but when the winds are just right, some… »10/24/15 4:49pm10/24/15 4:49pm

This Highlight Reel Of NASA's Morpheus Lander Is Almost Out Of This World

NASA’s Morpheus vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) craft fulfills many science fiction dreams of the last 60 or so years. Maybe one day a scaled-up cousin of it will be able to service extraterrestrial bodies in our solar system. Until then, it is just really cool to watch this thing takeoff, pick a landing spot all… »10/22/15 7:20pm10/22/15 7:20pm

Sweet Winged God Of Mischief, Doing Donuts In An Airplane Looks Awesome

I don’t care if “turning hard and mashing the throttle ’til you’ve worn a circle in the ground” is amateur-hour stunt driving. It’s some of the most fun you can have on wheels and there’s no better place to do it than an empty snowy field. Especially in a single-prop airplane on enormous tires. »10/19/15 8:31pm10/19/15 8:31pm

Watch This Embraer Regional Airliner Pilot Wrestle The Jet To The Ground

No, pilots aren’t just drinking coffee and checking their e-mail the whole flight — when called upon, they earn every cent of their paychecks. This video of a pilot fighting to put an Embraer E-190 safely on the runway shows that even the most modern airliners still benefit greatly from a highly trained and… »10/18/15 5:35pm10/18/15 5:35pm