"Ladder To Heaven" Balloon-Borne Fireworks Display Wows In China

A 1,650-foot long, 18-foot wide fireworks “ladder,” made of steel and gunpowder, lit up the sky over Quanzhou, China. The ladder, which used a balloon to loft it high above the ground, was the dream of Cai Guoqiang, the same artist who produced the incredible fireworks display during the Beijing Olympics. » 7/04/15 7:52am Yesterday 7:52am

Report: Pilot in Deadly TransAsia Crash Cut Off the Wrong Engine 

According to a new report released Thursday, the pilot in the deadly TransAsia crash admitted seconds before impact that he had accidentally shut off the wrong engine. http://gawker.com/transasia-plan... » 7/02/15 12:32pm Thursday 12:32pm

Here's How China Could Land People On The Moon By 2020

First of all, I should preface this by saying I’m no rocket scientist. Anyone who has ever seen me attempt to open a carton of milk can attest to this. But that doesn’t mean I can’t daydream. And today I’m daydreaming about how China could land on the moon as quickly and cheaply as possible. Within five years, let’s… » 7/02/15 12:05pm Thursday 12:05pm

Houston's New Spaceport Will Launch Spacecraft Horizontally

After being turned down for one of NASA’s three surviving space shuttles (that actually flew in space) and enduring a two-year review and approval process, Houston, Texas just became the tenth space launch site in America to win an operator’s license from the FAA. And those launches can happen horizontally, a key… » 6/30/15 6:30pm Tuesday 6:30pm

Argentine Pilots Invite Playboy Model To Fly Plane, Promptly Get Fired

Argentine airline Austral Líneas Aéreas announced that it has terminated two pilots after they invited model Victoria Xipolitakis into the cockpit and allowed her to fly the plane, including during takeoff. Xipolitakis is best known for appearing on Argentine TV shows as well as in the Greek verison of Playboy. » 6/30/15 3:09pm Tuesday 3:09pm

Why The Sky Isn't Falling On SpaceX After Yesterday's Rocket Explosion

Yesterday morning, an unmanned SpaceX Falcon 9 v. 1.1 rocket carrying a Dragon cargo capsule to the International Space Station (ISS) exploded shortly after launch. While this is a setback to SpaceX, we have to view it in the context of a series of failures that have plagued commercial spaceflight in the last year. » 6/29/15 12:45am 6/29/15 12:45am

This Isn't A Giant Cessna: It's Boeing's Newest ecoDemonstrator 

When an airliner gets a new winglet or engine nacelle, it’s a big deal for the industry. The pace of change for commercial aircraft design is best described as “molasses.” Manufacturers are wary of risking radical designs which could be disruptive to infrastructure or federal safety standards. » 6/27/15 4:10pm 6/27/15 4:10pm

'Look At My Fancy New Airport Terminal,' Says Noted Despot Kim Jong Un

Pyongyang, capital city of Best Korea, will soon be showing a fresh face to the world with a fancy new airport terminal. Set to open on July 1st, the new Terminal 2 is said to feature a new high speed rail link and motorway to central Pyongyang, as per the exacting specifications of Supreme Leader and famed … » 6/26/15 6:05pm 6/26/15 6:05pm

Boeing Scales Back 747 Production As Air Cargo Market Changes Rapidly

Despite receiving a big Memorandum of Understanding for 20 new 747-8F aircraft last week at the Paris Air Show, Boeing announced that they would slow production for the original jumbo jet at their Everett, WA manufacturing facility. This is the fourth time in two years that 747-8 production has been throttled back.… » 6/26/15 2:25pm 6/26/15 2:25pm

NASA's Planned Venus Mission Would Have Put Astronauts In A Fuel Tank

Venus has never been really high on us Earth-people’s priority list for exploration or colonization, mostly because as a species we tend to be big candy-asses when it comes to sulfuric acid rain. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth exploring, and plans have been made to do so — even ones that would stick astronauts… » 6/26/15 2:01pm 6/26/15 2:01pm

This Secret Program Tracks Every Passenger on International Flights


Buried in the transcripts of a congressional hearing that took place yesterday is fleeting mention of the federal government’s latest and perhaps most outrageous assault on privacy. If you take an inbound flight from overseas, and a suspected terrorist or supporter is flagged by automated name-check systems as being… » 6/25/15 3:33pm 6/25/15 3:33pm

NASA's Stubby 747 Has A Big Telescope In The Back That Can See Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has recently begun sending back the first color images of Pluto and Charon, and they are spectacular. But prior to the probe making its close approach to Pluto on July 14th, scientists have been scouting Pluto’s atmosphere using a 98-inch telescope mounted inside a highly modified Boeing… » 6/24/15 12:05pm 6/24/15 12:05pm

Did The Soviets Build A Better Shuttle Than We Did?

For some reason, my social media feeds lately have been filled with images of “Russia’s secret space shuttles” that have fallen into ruin. This is a little puzzling, since those shuttles haven’t been ‘secret’ for decades, and they’ve been in terrible condition for over 20 years. But that got me thinking — was it a… » 6/23/15 2:15pm 6/23/15 2:15pm