Should United Have Kicked This 15-Year-Old Autistic Girl Off A Flight?

A family traveling with a high-functioning autistic daughter were kicked off a United Airlines flight from Orlando to Portland because the pilot “didn’t feel comfortable” flying with her on the plane, even though no major incident had taken place. The pilot made an emergency landing and had the family removed. Was… » 5/11/15 1:19pm 5/11/15 1:19pm

This New Antenna Will Make Wifi On Planes Actually Usable 

When I heard about this new antenna made with metamaterials, I assumed it was a fancy new artistic design using antennas on antennas to make better antennas. It turns out it’s much more technical than that and it could be the solution we’ve been waiting for to finally replace the crappy internet that passes for… » 4/22/15 6:55pm 4/22/15 6:55pm

Southwest Celebrates 30 Years In Missouri With A Fantastic New Paint Job

Southwest made its first flights out of Kansas City back in 1982 with six daily departures to two cities. Fast forward 30 years and the airline now serves 60 destinations and 156 departures originating from Missouri. To commemorate the anniversary, this Boeing was emblazoned with a painting of the Missouri state flag. » 4/18/15 11:35am 4/18/15 11:35am

Alaska Air Flight Turns Around After Man Discovered Trapped In Cargo Bay

Today in “Holy Shit” and also “Oh My Freaking God,” an Alaska Air flight had to turn around make an emergency landing at Seattle’s Sea-Tac Airport after an airport worker was found to be trapped in the cargo hold. » 4/13/15 6:56pm 4/13/15 6:56pm

See The Last Flight Of Space Shuttle Endeavour In All Its Raw Glory

Back in 2012, Endeavour took its final ferry flight over the Los Angeles area while mounted to the trusty and highly modified Boeing 747 shuttle carrier. No cheesy music soundtrack, no stupid dubstep, no seizure inducing edits, just raw, unadulterated plane porn. » 4/05/15 10:59am 4/05/15 10:59am