How NASA Created a Flight Simulator For The First Astronauts Landing on the Moon

December 5, 1961. A man at the controls of a module gazes at the lunar surface from close up. Is this an astronaut, approaching the Moon nearly eight years before Apollo 11? Nope—it’s a pilot testing Project LOLA, a massive network of hand-painted mosaics and tracked cameras that trained astronauts for the moon… »9/04/15 11:13amYesterday 11:13am

Confirmed: Flaperon Found On Réunion Island From MH370

After weeks of speculation and thorough review, authorities have confirmed that the flaperon recently found on Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean is a part of MH370. The part’s serial number, which has been the focus of intense scrutiny, has been confirmed to have originated on the doomed Malaysian airliner.
»9/02/15 11:24amWednesday 11:24am

Ordinary Pilots Are Closer To Getting Fighter Jet-Like Augmented Reality Displays

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of cool tech in the cockpit. But beyond making the flying experience a lot more like Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit, the practical implications of augmented reality technology from head-mounted wearables are enormous. They promise to elevate the amount of useful real-time information available… »8/31/15 6:13pmMonday 6:13pm

This Time Lapse Video Of A Nighttime Landing In Chicago Is Amazing

Chicago, Illinois is one of America’s largest cities, and features one of the most spectacular skylines in the world. Seeing the sprawling megalopolis (encompassing 234 square miles!) from the air on a clear night illuminates the city’s sheer vastness. Make sure you watch this gorgeous timelapse video of an airplane… »8/30/15 3:05pmSunday 3:05pm

Remote Control Aircraft Tugs Could Be Revolutionary

I love spending time at airports. There’s so much cool stuff to see! From the control towers to the hangars to the aircraft, the entire aviation universe is a tech lover’s dream. For the aircraft owner who just has to have the coolest stuff available, a remote control tug should be the next thing on their shopping… »8/29/15 12:41pm8/29/15 12:41pm

See How Boeing Moves This Gigantic Autoclave To A New Factory

Boeing’s sprawling manufacturing facilities in the greater Seattle, Washington area are ramping up to build the next-generation 777X, and a big blue piece of the puzzle has just arrived at its new home. The first of three enormous autoclaves was transported by truck to the new 777X Composite Wing Center in Everett,… »8/28/15 3:33pm8/28/15 3:33pm

Here's How Ludicrously Fast A Space Probe Is

Your regular commercial airliner, like a Boeing 747 is fast. A super-spy jet like the SR-71 Blackbird is much faster than that, traveling at over three times the speed of sound. So how does a deep-space probe like New Horizons, which recently flew past Pluto, compare? Thanks to this animation, you can see it’s very,… »8/28/15 9:11am8/28/15 9:11am

Columbia Sportswear CEO Sends American Heroes' Moms To Paris On Private Jet

Last week, three Americans foiled an attempted terrorist attack on a train in France. On Monday, they were awarded the Legion d’Honneur, France’s highest civilian honor, with their families in attendance thanks to Columbia Sportwear CEO Tim Boyle.
http://gawker.com/american-servi... »8/27/15 3:58pm8/27/15 3:58pm

NASA's Orion Capsule Makes Perfect Test Landing, Minus A Few Parachutes

NASA hasn’t sent humans into space on its own spacecraft since the Space Shuttle orbiters retired, so they really want to be sure things are working properly before astronauts climb aboard the next-generation Orion capsule. Earlier today, NASA simulated a “Minimum System Test” in which some of Orion’s parachutes were… »8/26/15 6:41pm8/26/15 6:41pm

NASA Boosts Funding For Plasma Rocket Development

A new plasma gas engine could cut the Earth-Mars transit time for future spacecraft from roughly six months to just 39 days. In pursuit of this goal, NASA has just awarded a contract to Ad Astra Rocket Company for continued testing of their latest futuristic plasma engine technology. »8/25/15 10:26am8/25/15 10:26am

U.K. Restricts Vintage Jet Air Show Displays After Shoreham Crash

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in the U.K. has announced “a series of immediate restrictions and changes to UK civil air displays” in light of the fatal crash at Shoreham Airshow on Saturday August 22nd. At least 11 people are feared dead in the accident that occurred when a vintage Hawker Hunter fighter jet… »8/24/15 1:12pm8/24/15 1:12pm

Two Aerobatic Planes Collide At Swiss Air Show, One Pilot Reported Dead

On the heels of yesterday’s horrific crash at the Shoreham Airshow, two Ikarus C42 aircraft belonging to the GrassHoppers aerobatic team from Germany collided in mid-air while performing at an airshow in Dittingen, Switzerland. According to reports, one pilot was thrown from the plane during the impact and parachuted… »8/23/15 7:02am8/23/15 7:02am

Hawker Hunter Crashes At Shoreham Airshow, Seven Reported Dead

A crash involving a Hawker Hunter aircraft at the Shoreham Airshow in the U.K. with officials reporting 11 suspected deaths. The jet was performing when it slammed into the busy A27 motorway, impacting several vehicles. An explosion and a column of black smoke could be seen from several miles away following the impact. »8/22/15 11:55am8/22/15 11:55am

Breathtaking Blue Bugatti 100P Replica Finally Makes First Flight

There’s often crossover appeal between aviation and automotive enthusiasts. Both tend to enjoy things that go fast and look spectacular while doing so. Ettore Bugatti, namesake of such supercars as the Bugatti Veyron and EB110, was one such individual. His one-off Bugatti 100P is amazing to behold. »8/21/15 8:40pm8/21/15 8:40pm